Thursday, 22 August 2013

WEVents 3rd Anniversary Dinner 2013

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. - Katharine Hepburn

This year marks the 3rd Anniversary for WEVents and the theme for the evening is Superwoman. It was a night of colours and excitement as working professional women comes together for an evening of fun. Check out the rest of the pictures here WEVents 3rd Anniversary Dinner !
The very talented Edazz Lucinda, Cat Woman (the winner of the Superwoman contest). She took home prizes worth a total of RM3,247, sponsored by Fujitsu, TT Mask, OnlyBeauty, Posh! Nail Spa, Bag of Love and A Cut Above 

The mouth watering yummy dessert by Armada Hotel

15min FREE manicure in Superwoman colours courtesy of Posh! Nail Spa
Door gifts worth RM179, sponsored by, Fujitsu, TT Mask, Le Ann Maxima, Her World, Posh! Nail Spa and Worthy Book

Superwomen contestants in an array of colours and talents.From left to right, Fujitsu Country Manager (Yap Hui Hui), Founder and Marketing Director, WEVents (Jeanisha Wan), Founder and Creative Director of A Cut Above Group of Salons (Winnie Loo), Super Minion(Nikki Law), Mother Teresa (Susee Ram), Catwoman (Edazz Lucinda, Grand Prize Winner), SuperGirl (Yong Choy Peng), Superwoman (myself), Amber Chia, Wonder Woman, Michelle Yeoh aka Aung San Suu Kyi (Catherine Wong), Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Game
The Superwoman Me dancing to the beats of Mashup Gangnam Style+Sexy and I know it+Party Rock Anthem. Gosh am I exhausted. The 3.08 mins seems forever! Not too bad for a Mummy as I came in 4th. Won Only Beauty hamper and RM50 Lee Ann Maxima voucher
Behind the scene: "Look! You have a big S on your chest!"

About WEVents

WEVents are WomenOnlyMENnotinvited ; )social events organized by working women volunteers . The events are held in a casual environment (with no formal agenda) with the idea of bringing together working professional women for a fun evening.

In WEVents, women can VENT their opinions and thoughts freely, build connections and make new friends. Basically it is an event for women to let their hair down after a hard day’s work and just be themselves! Each event will have its own theme and feature inspiring special guests and speakers, great door gifts and delicious food.

Starting January 2011, there is a cover charge for attendance for WEVents' events. WEVents members will receive advance invitations and registration priority for the events. Admittance to WEVents' events are for confirmed registered lady guests only.

WEVents 3rd Anniversary feature in the news: New Straits Times: Fun Night for Superwomen - 20 Aug 2013


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Thursday, 8 August 2013

TT Mask Malaysia Snow Lotus Lucency Bio Cellulose Mask Review

Bio-Cellulose masks will be the next “in” thing for Malaysia market. The Bio-Cellulose system is one of Timeless Truth Mask’s unique range of products. The Nano Technology an the Bio-Cellulose system have long been applied in medicine for cardiovascular repair and artificial skin for skin burn damage.
A picture tells it all. Am really amazed by its whitening and brightening power. 
The mask fits perfectly like a second layer of skin and unlike traditional masks, the moisturizing absorption rate can go up to 200 times more compared to ordinary mask.

All that is left on the mask. My skin is so dry it literally sucks the mask dry! 3 x TT Snow Lotus Lucency Bio Cellulose Mask (MYR 75) Very worth it loh!!!

Whitening, Brightening, Clarity, Reduce wrinkles, Increase elasticity


Snow Lotus Extractive, α-Lipoic Acid, m-Tranexamic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, DI Water
Snow Lotus is a rare beauty ingredient that grows in the highest peaks of the Himalayan Mountains. It has been prized for wondrous medicinal benefits. The secret to its magnificence lies in its high antioxidant properties. This gives the plant its remarkable natural ability to fight aging and whitening to reduce dark spots.
Alpha-Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that protects against cell damage and therefore the cells which form the skin, leads to premature ageing and skin wrinkling. It is undeniably a very powerful antioxidant that helps to increase the cell's metabolism.
m-Tranexamic Acid is medically used in prohibiting bleeding issues. It is proven to have highly effective result in reducing melanin growth and pigmentations. m-Tranexamic acid is capable in reversing and inhibiting dark spots to fight mild inflammation.
Hyaluronic Acid is non-toxic that serves as the most important space filling substance in the human body. It holds water in the skin to keep collagen hydrated and provides a youthful look. Hyaluronic Acid has moisturizing capabilities on skin’s structure and is very important in controlling tissue hydration.


  1. Use after face cleansing.
  2. Remove the outer 2 layers of plastic films from each side.
  3. Place the clear mask (most inner layer) over the face, starting from the chin area.
  4. Adjust mask to align the center of the mask with the center of the skin contours positioning openings for eyes and mouth.
  5. Press the mask lightly with both hands until it adheres completely.
  6. Remove mask after 15-20 minutes and gently massage the remaining essence into skin.

Why Timeless Truth Masks?

  1. 2013 : Taiwan First Brand Award
  2. 2013 : Golden Diamond Award of Taiwan Expend Top Commodity
  3. 2013 : Taiwan Twelfth Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Award
  4. 2012 : Taiwan Corporate Brand Award
  5. 2010 : Kaohsiung City Government "SME Innovation Award"
  6. 2009 : Taiwan First Brand Award
  7. 2009 : Taiwan Consumer Satisfaction Golden Award
  8. 2009 : Taiwan Ninth National Quality Assurance Award
  9. 2008 : Taiwan Consumer Satisfaction Golden Award
  10. International presence. Timeless Truth Masks are available in more than 15 countries.
  11. GMP + ISO22716 + ISO9001 certified
  12. Certified Halal by the Chinese Muslim Association of Taiwan (Orchid and Miracle Rejuvenation Mask)
  13. The products have been registered and approved in accordance to Ministry Of Health Malaysia's guidelines and requirements.